E-Log what is it?

Route Trax's Electronic Logging (E-Log) relates to two different sets of data: Hours of Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR). In the not too distant past, drivers were required to keep paper logs of a host of daily activities, such as the number of hours driven, number and length of meal breaks and fuel stops, accidents, breakdowns, etc. It was a time-consuming process for both drivers and head office, not always accurate, and hard to verify. You had to take the driver's word for the information, because nobody was on the spot to monitor the situation.

Now all of this information is automatically recorded by an E-Log, an app that is installed on the driver's tablet. Drivers activate the E-Log before starting to drive and data is transmitted electronically for managers to view in real-time if they wish to. Obviously, this saves time, is more accurate, and is difficult to falsify.

Drivers can also send reports to inspectors should they be requested to do so.

Drivers must still make manual inspections of their vehicles, but this information is entered into the E-Log and automatically transmitted to fleet managers.

This should lead to substantial savings (because of less paperwork) and safer driving because of stricter compliance with driver HOS.

The Route Trax E-Log app is easy to use, robust, and compliant with FMCSA and DOT regulations.

The E-Log provides driver duty status and information about the following regulations:

• 60 h/7days or 70 h/8 days rules

• 11 h daily

• 14 h on duty (daily)

• Sleeper berth

• Passenger seat provision

• Personal conveyance

• 30-minute break

• Location recording for engine on and off, and every 60 minutes if moving

• Mobile device permits duty status changes only when the vehicle is at rest

• Warns driver, visually and/or audibly of any malfunction

• When the truck is stationary for 5 minutes or more, it will default to on-duty not driving and the driver must enter the proper status

Driver ID

If a company doesn't assign drivers a vehicle on a permanent basis, Driver ID allows for a variety of sign-in credentials. Thus the company can find out which driver is driving which vehicle at all times.

User-friendly design

Route Trax's clean, crisp, user friendly design ensures the best possible user experience for all. Users should have no problem navigating through the system.

All features are readily available using large buttons, making them easy to use and easy on the eye.